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BOTOX® Treatments

BOTOX® is a non-surgical procedure that can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face. A few small injections are placed in specific areas to help relax the muscles that cause those lines to form. The injections last up to four months and patients report a great improvement in the reduction of lines and wrinkles.

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There is little to no downtime or recovery and most patients return to work directly following the treatment. BOTOX® will not radically change your appearance because the effects are confined to the region of injection and the BOTOX® does not remain in your body indefinitely.
Dr. Raymond M. Girgis offers BOTOX® treatments. He will determine exactly where to administer the injections to achieve the desired results. A technician will provide you with an ice pack to help numb the area prior to treatment. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and discomfort is brief and minimal. While the treatment cannot permanently erase lines and wrinkles, re-treatments are not usually necessary for 3-4 months, depending on each individual. For further information on BOTOX®, see